June 16, 2024

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Health Benefits of Garlic

In addition to its tangy flavor, garlic has been shown to have significant health benefits. A recent study showed that garlic reduces cholesterol levels by 10 percent, and it also reduced blood pressure by three to eight points. In March, a review of studies revealed that garlic preparations may be an effective side therapy for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure. Garlic powder may also reduce the risk of heart attacks. However, it is important to note that garlic should only be consumed in moderation.

Studies have shown that garlic may be useful in preventing diseases by reducing oxidative stress and combating systemic inflammation. It is high in flavonoids and polyphenols, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from free radical damage, a major risk factor in many chronic diseases and conditions. In addition, garlic may have anticancer properties. If used as a supplement, garlic is an excellent choice.

Considering its chemical composition, the benefits of garlic may vary widely. The amount of various compounds may vary with different processing methods. Studies of garlic extracts and supplements indicate that different forms have different beneficial effects. However, dietitians can still recommend a predominantly plant-based diet for their patients. The continued research in the field is essential to understand how garlic can affect the body and its functions. While there are currently no standardized garlic supplements, dietitians can teach patients how to crush garlic cloves and cook with garlic.

Research has shown that garlic supplements may also lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. About 25% of adults experience high blood pressure. This condition causes seven million deaths each year. Garlic supplements were shown to be more effective than placebos in this type of study. Other health benefits of garlic include reducing cholesterol levels and stimulating the immune system. It is important to note, however, that garlic may not be as effective for everyone. In addition, garlic may not be suitable for people with an inadequate vitamin B intake.

Other benefits of garlic include decreased blood pressure. Various studies have shown that garlic can lower blood pressure in both humans and animals. Some studies suggest that garlic reduces blood pressure in more than 80% of patients. Researchers from Auer et al., Konig and Scineider, Petkov, Omar, and Stabler have all conducted studies with participants. They found that garlic significantly decreased systolic blood pressure by 12mmHG.